Glenn Fleishman, Writer


Cool Tools Show 39: Glenn Fleishman

Glenn Fleishman is a Seattle-based technology journalist, and two-time winner on Jeopardy! He’s a senior contributor at Macworld, regularly writes for The Economist, and pens stories about parking and cryptography for Fast Company.

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Show Notes:

OpenX $5

“This opens plastic clamshell blister packs. It’s got a great gripping handle. There’s a little blade you can push out and it’s got a spring on it so it doesn’t stay up permanently. It also has a deep hole with a razor blade embedded inside it so you can’t reach it and hurt yourself. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Default Folder $35

“Default Folder keeps a long list of folders I’ve recently navigated to. I’ve got folders all over the place. I dream of a day in which Spotlight and other automatic full text search engines actually do what they’re designed to do years ago which is prevent the need to have folders, but I still use folders for a lot of basic organization.”

Fitbit One $88

“I didn’t want a wristband. I’m one of those people who does not like rings or things on my hands or wrists. I am very aware of that so I thought I’d get one that I can clip on or stick in a pocket. It’s a distance activity-tracker and it has a barometer in it, so it can tell you if you’re going up steps.”

TreadDesk $995

“I used a standing desk first and then I got a treadmill after a few months of figuring out that I could stand all day. I’ve had it I think 4 years now and I use it almost everyday and I find my best writing is while I’m walking on it.”