Remote-controlled washing

Instead of the previously-reviewed Toto Washlet Toilet, there’s another bidet attachment option that is easier to install and use while being cheaper. The GoBidet is an adjustable arm that affixes to your existing toilet and swings into position when needed. I’ve been using mine for at least six years. We had one in a hotel down in Costa Rica and I liked it so much I found a stateside supplier. I find it much more flexible than the fixed bidet seat variety. Although it costs more than the BioBidet, the remote control handle makes a world of difference compared to a fixed tip. With the GoBidet, you’re actually able to aim the nozzle. It’s kind of like playing a twisted version of Space Invaders.

The bidet can be set to spray both hot and cold water, and the water hookups and mixing control are just like those in a single lever sink faucet. You move the water control lever up to increase water volume and to the left or right to make it colder or warmer. I have it hooked up to just the cold (attached to a ‘T’ from the toilet supply spigot). While it initially required some getting used to, I found it was easier than running a longer hose from the hot water hookup under the sink. Of course, in a new bathroom install you could run another hot water spigot next to the toilet supply. I’ve used warm water bidets before and would definitely recommend setting it up with the hot water, if at all possible. It’s $130, but they can be frequently found for less on eBay (new, of course).

-- Ed Tapanes 08/1/08

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