USB-powered Universal Charging Cable

During a recent “upgrade” of my cellular phone I discovered Gomadic. I was uninterested in cluttering my car’s interior with yet another unwieldy and obtrusive cord to charge my phone (and I abhor uni-taskers). One of Gomadic’s core products is a retractable unit with a USB A (the kind that plugs in to the back of most computers) plug on one end and a 1/8 jack on the other. This configuration allows you to choose the type of device you will be charging and how you will be charging it.

First you purchase from the Gomadic web site a cable for the specific device that you want to charge. If you’d like to charge other devices you buy additional tips, which are interchangeable. Just pull the first tip off the 1/8 jack and replace it with the one appropriate for the next device .

I can now charge my phone on my laptop through the USB port and in the car with the same cable. When it comes time to change phones I can simply order a new interchangeable tip and continue to use the retractable cable. All this and it’s backed up by a lifetime warranty.

-- Scott Custer 03/7/06