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Recomendo: issue no. 291

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One thumb zoom with Google Maps
I use Google Maps (and Apple Maps) a lot when I’m walking around in an unfamiliar place. Instead of holding the phone in one hand and dragging and pinching-to-zoom with the other hand, I learned I can do everything with one hand. I hold the phone in my left hand and use my thumb to drag. And if I want to zoom in or out, I tap twice with my thumb, leaving my thumb on the display after the second tap, and then slide my thumb up or down to zoom. — MF

Cool Tools PDF
A decade ago I made a huge 470-page book of the best tools available. This Cool Tools book was a catalog of possibilities. Each of the thousands of items featured enable a new possibility that you may have never considered doing before, such as keeping bees, building your own home, or starting a consulting busines. Cool Tools has been long out of print, so I finally made a digital version of it. The full-sized PDF of Cool Tools can be downloaded on Gumroad for $3.99. Good news for those outside the US where the price of the original book plus shipping was discouraging. It also serves as a very searchable version for those with the giant physical book.  — KK

Gentle and random reminder app
I have been using this Yapp Reminders app (iOS) for a few months now to send me “gentle” and “random” reminders throughout the day. You can create whatever message you would like to appear as a notification. Mine is a reminder to pull away from the screens and connect with something outside of myself. I have the notification setting switched to “softer reminder sounds” which sounds like a soft gong calling for me to pause and reflect. — CD

Gorey jigsaw puzzle
I’m the kind of person who fidgets a lot while having a conversation, but when I do a jigsaw puzzle with other people, it’s easy for me to chat and assemble the puzzle at the same time. My wife and I been putting this 1000-piece Edward Gorey puzzle together as a way to catch up for a few minutes each night before going to bed. I also work on the puzzle during conference calls. — MF

Click to relax
Just a fun, single purpose website. Click to relax and listen to ethereal sound of water and music. Zone out on the ripples. It is definitely relaxing. — CD

Letters to your future self
Send your future self a letter. Might be a prediction, a goal, or a letter about something that happened today you dont want to forget. For 20 years Future Me has been forwarding letters into the future for free. You’ll most likely forget you wrote one and getting a note years from now will be a wonderful surprise. Thank you, today you. — KK

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 02/13/22

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