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Get yer logos here. Only 25 bucks! Quick, dirt-cheap custom logos for your blog, website, garage band, or start-up. You give ’em as much guidance and background as you can jot down, and this outfit will send you one –and only one — finished design a few days later for 25 dollars. It’s a take or leave it job, so inspect their galleries of previous jobs to set your expectations. You can get revisions for $10 more, or purchase more premium packages for fancier “branding” needs. For this price, I figure I can’t lose to much if it fails, but it’s cheap and cool if they get it right.

I bought my first $25 logo for my True Films website. Its style (identical to Cool Tools) is pretty minimal, an approach which is actually hard to design for. Here is the logo they sent me via email a a few days later.

I paid $10 for a revision, requesting even more simplicity, and a few hours later they provided this:

So that is what I used.

I got my second $25 GotLogo for my Street Use blog about the street use of technology. I gave them a few guideline: keep it black and red; make it like graffiti. I was happy what they came up with so I used it.

It’s a great service for the Brand of You.

-- KK 05/16/05

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