Greenbug pest control


Cedar-based products to control all kinds of pests

Just about all the homes in my small town get termite damage at one time or another. Formerly you had a choice between methyl bromide (thankfully now banned) and Vikane fumigant (a Dow product – need to know anything more?).The home gets tented, you move out for 24 hours, they fumigate, you move back in. I would never do this. If it’s going to kill termites several inches inside the wood, I don’t believe that there will be no residue or eventual ill effects.

These days you have the choice of a bunch of non-toxic treatments: orange or Neem oil, borates, the Electrogun (fries them with 90,000 volts), parasitic nematodes, etc. Trouble is, it will cost you a few thousand dollars, and you’ll probably have to do it over in several years.

For 10 or so years I’ve been using a cedar oil spray. When I see termite frass (or pellets), I spray this stuff on the area. It smells good, and I don’t know why or how, but it works. No more termites, at least not for years. (You’d think that application on the surface wouldn’t be sufficient, but it seems to be.)

Try it out with a spray bottle for $32.95 (I later bought a gallon).

-- Lloyd Kahn 11/16/16