Butane Burner

Compact portable hot plate

These stoves are great for backyard cooking, partying, tailgating, car camping, and/or power outages. They’re too big for most backpacking, but for most other uses they’re much more convenient than larger propane and or liquid fuel stoves. They come in their own lunch box sized plastic or nylon carrying case. The hair-spray-sized butane canister is contained within the stove instead of sticking out on the side like most propane stoves, and it just drops in. They all have piezoelectric ignition. Most models are dirt cheap. I bought mine at Target a few years ago for $30, but Big 5 had them on sale for $16 a few weeks ago.

-- Bruce Bowen 09/13/06

(These handy stoves, good for one-room studios, huts, and emergency use can be found at Asian grocery stores, which also sell the butane fuel cans. Quality varies tremendously among "brands", but this $25 version gets good reviews on Amazon. -- KK — editors)

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