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Easiest micropayment system

Gumroad is an easy way to add a micro-payment function to your blog, website, Facebook page, or Twitter — anywhere you can post a link. It allows you to quickly offer digital products — photos, videos, music, apps, PDFs — for small (or large) prices. It is not a marketplace, rather it generates a link that you post so that you can “sell where you share.” When a friend, fan, or follower purchases something off of your page, they get an email with a link for the download from Gumroad’s server. You can set your price anywhere from 0 and up. Gumroad’s cut is 5% + 25 cents per transaction, no setup or monthly fees. That’s a good deal if you are selling things for a few dollars, and better than other digital storefronts. Something priced as low as 99 cents means you get $.69 and Gumroad gets $.30.

For the past year I’ve been using Gumroad to sell a PDF version of my True Films guide to documentary movies for $.99 and the system works great.

-- KK 04/27/13