Halo II Sweatband


Effective sweat absorbing headband

I live in Ohio and I try to run consistently year-round. I’ve run in sub-zero temperatures on many occasions with no problems. My sweet spot temperature for running is around 55 degrees and when it gets over 70 degrees, I start whining like a baby. My body just does not deal well with warmer temperatures and higher humidity, and I tend to sweat like a pig.

I’ve tried many products over the years to keep sweat from soaking my sunglasses and stinging my eyes. I have a few Headsweats and SweatVac products, but the king of headbands is definitely Halo. Their headbands are made out of a soft, stretchable fabric they call DRYLINE. It’s a polyester/nylon combination that feels similar to a thin neoprene. They also use a thin rubbery strip (dubbed Sweat Block Technology) along the front, inside area of the headband so that excess sweat will be channeled to the sides of your face and not straight down into your eyes. I’ve got a pretty good-sized melon and I’ve had no problems at all with fit or comfort.

The amount of sweat that the Halo products absorb is incredible. Naturally, there is a point at which they will become completely saturated. Taking off the headband and giving it a squeeze may amaze and/or disgust you, but you’ll definitely know that it’s doing its job.

I’ve personally used the Halo II headband ($13+) and the Sport Visor ($26) (which features a slightly smaller band sewn into the cap) and strongly recommend both.

-- Jason Long 07/19/19

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