Hands Free Book Holder Floor Stand


Float books in front of your line of vision while you sit or recline

When I bought a Levo Book Holder Floor Stand more than fifteen years ago (for I think $169), it was an expensive risky purchase for me. However, it has become the best money I’ve ever spent on furniture, office supplies, or any ergonomic product.

For the thousands of hours I have spent reading, the Book Holder has saved my neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands from strain, cramping, and aging. It adjusts to exactly the right height; it can hold the book as close to my eyes as I want; it holds books of almost all sizes; and it’s easy to turn pages. I have only needed the two arms to hold the books, not the straps that can be removed, but would hold the book more securely in some positions. It holds books open so I can photograph the screen.

It is very sturdy due to the heavy iron base and solid construction. Unlike a music stand or similar, the floor stand never has to be in front of me, crowding my feet. It can be used from the right or the left or any position around the user. The company now also makes versions especially for tablets. The tablet version doesn’t look like it would hold books, but the slightly redesigned current book holder looks similar to mine, which holds a thin tablet. It can even hold a book or tablet the right distance over your face if you are lying flat in bed – perhaps the ultimate in taking it easy. No other book stand or book holder I have used does any of the above. It looks like the current redesigned version is improved from the one I have, but I haven’t used it. After all these years, my book holder was aging. The very friendly customer service agent at the Levo company never tried to sell me a new one, but helped me do the minor repair inexpensively because it was still “under warranty.” There are very few things I bought that long ago that still work.


-- Maida Tilchen 02/2/17

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