Hangman Television Mount

Easy install TV bracket

Hangman is a clever, simple bracket designed to hang flat screen TVs directly on a wall. As the go-to handyman for most of my friends and families, I have hung my fair share of flatscreen TVs and am always frustrated by the expensive, cumbersome, goofy brackets that are sold to the average Joe when he buys his TV at Best Buy or Costco.

The Hangman, unlike the alternatives, is a dead simple mount composed of two interlocking aluminum strips. Place the first strip, which includes an integral level, on the wall. Screw it into the studs or attach with heavy duty drywall anchors (both included, and these anchors are actually really cool; probably worthy of a cool tool in themselves. I work in the remodeling industry and we use these anchors all the time.). Bolt the other aluminum strip to the back of the TV using included bolts, hang the TV strip on the wall strip, attach the safety tether to prevent the TV from sliding off, attach the pegs to the lower bolt holes on the TV, and you are done. The TV can be tilted forward to allow access to cables. I installed mine with a Leviton REB behind it to hold all of the outlets and jacks completely concealed, but you could just as easily use cable ties or wire molding to drop the wires down to your components.
I like this system because it is simple and inexpensive. It hangs the TV dead level and it won’t “drift” out of level when you mess with your cables. It also keeps the TV tight to the wall as the aluminum brackets are only about 1″ thick. Finally, it only takes about 10-minutes to install. The downside to this style of bracket is that it only mounts the TV flat to the wall, so you lose the option to tilt it in any direction. This wasn’t a problem in my house since the couch faces a flat wall.

They are available on Amazon, which I know Cool Tools prefers, but I bought mine right off the manufacturer’s website. It was at my house within a couple of days. They come in medium (32″ to 60″) and large (47″ to 65″) and are set up to fit VESA mounts (Medium is 400mm, large is 400 & 600mm) which I think are the standard for all flat screens these days. They cost about 30-40 bucks depending on where you buy them. It’s a lot more than it costs the Hangman folks to make, but it is still cheaper and much less frustrating than any other mount I have seen on the market.

-- Brian Durkin 12/12/11

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