Headache Hat Ice Halo


Relief for headache pain

I bought this Headache Hat Ice Halo — essentially an ice pack in the form of a headband — a year ago and it has been pretty life-changing for managing severe and prolonged migraines. I find the design of this headband helpful because it can deliver site-specific ice treatment for migraines. The headband is essentially a strip of ice cubes encased in a cloth cover with which you can shift around to target your worst pain.

For me, this more effective than the peppermint rollers which would try for a similar effect (at times the smell of these products is too much for me).

I like this version which is a headband versus a hat because it is space-efficient (there are full hat versions which would take up more freezer space). So long as I remember to leave it in the freezer, it is always available and can be reused over and over. I find the headband freezes quickly because the linked cubes are fairly small. Though I haven’t worn it in public, I think you could.

-- Rell DeShaw 08/24/20