Perfect scalp razor

I have shaved my head for four years now, and one thing has made this job possible – the HeadBlade. This amazing little razor makes shaving one’s head enjoyable and easy, rather than a painful chore. It was specially designed by a head-shaver, with head-shavers in mind, and works beautifully.

Maintaining the proper angle of a razor is much more complicated on a rounded surface that is both above and behind you (your head), as opposed to one’s face, which is mostly flat and easily seen in a mirror. Even a pivoting head razor does not allow sufficient tolerance. The design of the HeadBlade however is such that as long as the blade and the back of the razor are both in contact with the scalp, the correct angle is maintained with no adjustments or attention necessary.

Replacement blades are very easy to find. I have found that both Gillette Atra and Trac II razors use the same blades. I buy my replacement “Twin II Plus Cartridges” blades at Walgreens — 15 for $5. Some Walgreens stores now also carry the HeadBlade itself.

-- Kyle Wayman 04/21/04

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