Heat Holders Thermal Socks


Best thermal sock

My feet chill easily, and warm slowly; particularly after a long session of computer work or cold outdoor chores, I’d end up with a acute case of popsicle toes. Before bed, I’d have to plunge my feet into a hot water soak just to get them warm enough so I could sleep; if I didn’t, they’d remain cold—and I’d remain awake — for hours.

Fortunately for my frosty feet, I discovered Heat Holders. So far, these are the most effective thermal socks I’ve found; warmer than wool, and not the least bit itchy. The fibers on the inside of the sock are brushed to form a wonderfully soft, thick, fleecy interior that retains heat very effectively; yet the fibers breathe, so you don’t get sweaty in them, either. They are the most comfortable socks I own; they also work well as bed-socks in the colder months, and can be a lifesaver on camping trips. Hunters love them. My first pair is almost 5 years old, and they show no appreciable wear. I machine wash-and-dry them like any other sock, and they come out fine; I’ve noticed no difference in the fleeciness of the 5 year old socks and the new pair I just bought. They’ve developed no holes (yet), so they’re pretty durable. They aren’t cheap—but what price happy feet? Get yourself a pair; your toes will thank you for it!

-- Barbara Dace 05/17/17