Husky 3.5 Lb Landscape Axe


Axe for gardens

The Husky Landscape Axe (a version of a “Pulaski”) is a versatile tool for use in the garden, especially for removing stumps, chopping roots, and to break up compacted soil.

The axe head has two faces, a conventional axe bit with the edge in line with the handle and a smaller mattock-style blade at right angles to the handle. It is mounted on a 34″ fiberglass handle that is sturdy and the assembly is much lighter and easier to handle that the maul I had been using.

The tool can be used to chop thick roots near stumps and roots that interfere with digging holes for planting bushes and small trees. The blades are effective and can be used to loosen soil while digging. Hooking the mattock end under a root or stone and using the tool as a pry bar is also very effective. The mattock is also useful for digging narrow trenches for burying pipe, for example. The more I have it with me, the more uses I find.

-- Mark Barry 03/30/15

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