I Can Read That!


Elementary Chinese reading

China figures big in the future no matter what your interest. It’s a vast place with its own non-alphabetic writing in abundance. To get around you really need to be able to recognize a few Chinese characters. You can get by knowing the 50 or so basic ones taught in the small expert book. Elementary survival knowledge, like the symbols for toilet — men or women? Exit versus entrance. Numbers, dates, directions, hotel, etc. There is no attempt to teach you Chinese (thank goodness), just how to navigate a visit there.

-- KK 02/9/04


A clock for number practice. Real clocks use numerals, not characters. But this clock may help you learn the characters for the numbers. You can make hands for the clock out of toothpicks or paper.

"Exit" and "enter" signs. You'll see the same entrance and exit signs wherever Chinese characters are used.

Restroom signs. Along the Burma Road. this public facility has a two-syllable word for toilet and an arrow pointing to the female entrance.