Ice Pick


Ice picks are good for more than picking ice

I have two ice picks in my kitchen drawers — one in the cooking utensil drawer and the other in the utility tool space with the kitchen screw driver, glue, small hammer etc. Yet I don’t have an old fashioned ice box with 10 pound blocks of ice nor do we make artisan cocktails with hand chipped ice.

The cooking utensil ice pick is used for any kind of hard to break food from blocks of chocolate to really old Parmesan cheese to specialty brown sugars like panela cones. It’s kept clean just like the other food grade utensils.

The other ice pick is used for every job that might need a hole punch or branding iron. Heat it up to red hot on the gas stove and it punches a hole though the thickest leather belt. Need to make a school project with a western burned wood look? Use the ice pick to score the letters into the wood. I’ve used it to weld plastic materials together to make pouches. Its utility is limited only by your imagination.

I have always owned the wooden handled version with the metal end cap ($10). They stand up to the abuse that we give them and so far they have been a once in a lifetime purchase. And they have a really classic look. For safety’s sake stick the sharp end into a cork. You’ll know which one is which because the one you use in the fire will color the metal.

-- Lee Ellman 06/4/19