Ikea Dave Laptop Table


Cheap adjustable laptop table

I recently found this fantastic laptop table at an Ikea for less than $20. Assembly was quick and easy, using the supplied tools (a pair of allen wrenches). The table is sturdy, easy to haul around using the handle cut into the top, and the height adjusts easily so that I can use it in the back room, where the chair is relatively high, and on the porch glider, where I sit much lower.

A simple lever under the top lets you quickly adjust it from level to slanted – but nowhere in between, which is the only fault I’ve found in it. I’d like a position half-way between dead level, when my arms are not in the most comfortable position, and tilted, when the MacBook tends to slide off.

This table really takes the weight off my knees, and has made an enormous difference. I thought I was going to have to go in for knee replacement, but I quickly discovered that it was the weight of my cushioned lap-desk that was causing the pain.

I’ve been using the Dave table more or less constantly since I bought it, and I don’t know that I’ve ever bought anything more useful for such a low price. One of the best things about it is the very low height of the feet which support the table post. This allows the unit to easily slide under a couple of pieces of furniture that could never accommodate one of the laptop tables that are on wheels.

-- Richard Blumberg 08/3/10