Ikea Spice Mill


Mill with ceramic grinding mechanism

Pepper mills are easy to find. Some are electric, some are pretty, some are expensive, but the Ikea spice mill is none of those things. What it is, is about the size of a 12 ounce soda can, which means it’s very easy to grab hold of, and torque down on to grind out a lot of whatever it is you’ve got in the spice jar, and that matters a great deal for hands that are older,or arthritic, or have other issues working grinders that have smaller components. The grinding size is easily adjusted by way of the black knob on the top, and while I have no issues reading the dot sizes on the knob, the lack of contrast may prove an issue for some. And they’re durable. I’ve had my two grinders for nigh on 15 years. A glass jar means you can see what’s inside, and it’s a top loader with a wide mouth that makes for easy filling. And it’s the same jar as their IHÄRDIG Spice jar, which they sell in a four pack, so you can just take the grinder top off its regular jar, and put it on another if you have a need to.

-- Bruce Dykes 12/29/17