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iNeibo Silicone Travel Bottles


TSA carry-on approved refillable squeeze bottles

I’ve used these iNeibo Silicone Travel Bottles for a couple years now, and they’re an improvement on the silicone travel bottles previously reviewed on this site.

They have all the same advantages:

  • easy to fill, easy to remove air (thus preventing mid-air shampoo explosions in your baggage)
  • easy to use…plus a few more: they’re larger, so you don’t have to fill as often (but they’re still within the TSA limits)
  • they have silicone valves that prevent drips, even if the bottles are upside-down
  • they have a label ring that you can turn to indicate whether the bottle contains shampoo, sunscreen, conditioner, or lotion.

Best of all: they have a loop at the top. Why is this an advantage? Many travel bottles have suction cups to hold them to the shower door—but not all shower doors cooperate with suction cups, so you can’t always utilize them. Besides, suction cups have a way of losing their grip at inopportune times, unexpectedly bombarding your toes with toiletries. But EVERY shower has a pipe to the showerhead…and it’s easy to attach these bottles onto a lanyard (I recycled one that used to hold my name-tag at an event) and hang them from the shower-pipe. Then you just have one lanyard to grab, and all your shower toiletries come with it.

The bottles are easy to use while hanging upside down—I knotted carabiners onto the lanyard so the bottles don’t all fall together at the bottom—and they don’t drip even when you leave the cap open.

When it’s time to go, you won’t accidentally leave one bottle behind because they all stay connected. This set-up also works great for the gym—just grab it, hang it, use it, and stow it back in your gym-bag.

Very handy!

-- Barbara Dace 07/15/21

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