Infinite Divider Small Parts Storage Box


Position dividers virtually anywhere

The infinite divider box ($4 – $17, depending on size) is the best tool for organizing a diverse collection of small parts. It is better than other options such as the Akro storage bin because the compartments can be resized incrementally to the precise size required. I have some screws that came in a 10 pack, some that came in a 25 pack, and some that came in a 100 pack. Why should I devote a 2″ x 2″ space to 10 screws? The infinite divider boxes have enabled me to store my collection of hardware in a way that is organized and accessible but much denser than any other similar method. Each box comes with an inadequate set of six dividers. Be sure to purchase a few additional packages of dividers if you need lots of small partitions.

-- Adrian Mariano 10/8/18