Infinite Mac/Inflatable Wonders/Labyrinth Cards

Recomendo - issue #361

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Mac emulators through the ages

Infinite Mac is a website that takes you on a nostalgic journey through Macintosh software from the years 1984 to 2000. The entire Macintosh experience runs seamlessly in your browser. One gem I stumbled upon was a version of Tetris from 1989. The simplicity of the 1-bit illustrations captured the essence of that era, reminding me of the joy I experienced playing games on those early computers. — MF

Inflatable Wonders

For an outstanding example of what generative AI artists can do, check out Joann’s brilliant instagram series on the Inflatable Wonders of the World. Click through all 10. — KK

Finger Labyrinth Travel Cards

I love walking labyrinths for meditation. I considered buying a portable labyrinth mat but I can’t justify the $600+ price tag. For now, I’m happy with these Finger Labyrinth Travel Cards as a mindfulness “on-the-go” tool. I set an intention to leave my “worry” in the middle, and trace the maze-like path toward the center and back out again. It’s very relaxing. — CD

Honeycomb packing paper

I ordered this honeycomb packing paper to wrap fragile dishware. When the roll arrived in the mail I was disappointed. It looks like regular kraft paper. But then I read the instructions. When you pull the paper, the cut pattern unfolds and turns it into 3D packing material. Here’s a video that shows how it works. It’s a lot cheaper than plastic bubble wrap and fun to use!  — MF

Instant song ID

When you hear some music you want to identify, instead of opening an app on your phone, just ask Siri. Shazam, the premier music-identifying app is built right into Siri now, and it will identify the song and save the reference. “Siri, what’s this song?” — KK

11 rules from every self-help book ever

This article is a compilation of advice found in hundreds of self-help bestsellers and boiled to 11 simple rules, which are: 1. Take one small step. 2. Change your mental maps. 3. Struggle is good. Scary is good. 4. Instant judgment is bad. 5. Remember the end of your life. 6. Be playful. 7. Be useful to others. 8. Perfectionism = procrastination. 9. Sleep, exercise, eat, chill out. Repeat. 10. Write it all down. 11. You can’t get it all from reading. — Which is just a reminder that everyone needs someone to call them out on their B.S. like a therapist, an accountability buddy or a best friend. — CD

Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson


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