Inflatable Life Jacket


Comfortable water safety

If you mess around in boats (and you should), a life jacket is a very good thing to have, or even better, to WEAR. Over the last few years there has been a revolution in life jacket comfort as a variety of automatically inflatable life jackets have come on the scene. Inflatable PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) overcome the two primary reasons people don’t wear a life jacket: the bulk and heat a life jacket captures. I recommend a full collar auto-inflatable type since it will bring you to the surface if you go into the water unconscious (for example if you knock your head).

I hardly notice mine (a Mustang Survival Classic) when I have it on. Whether you kayak, jet ski, or boat, there really isn’t an excuse not to wear one. In addition to the Mustang Survival line, another source for inflatable life jackets is Sterns, which produces the Sospenders line. Both manufacturers are approved by the US Coast Guard.

One important note: Wear your inflatable life jacket OVER your outwear. You don’t want to be sharing the inside of your zipped up jacket with one of these when you go in the water. Something will break and it is likely to be you.

— Daren Lewis

Mustang Survival
Automatic Classic
Model 3031
Available from Landfall Navigation

Manufactured by
Mustang Survival

Also, Sospenders made by Sterns


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