Collaborative web and app design

When trying to solve the world’s problems with software, it is incredibly difficult to get stakeholders and collaborators to relate and contribute to solutions until after the software has already been developed – creating huge waste.

Paper designs and low-fidelity static mockups force people to use too much of their imagination, and each person’s imagination and perceptions are different. In the past, the costs of collaborating in this environment were large.

Enter – the simplest and fastest way to get dozens of project collaborators on the same page with a high-fidelity, clickable prototype (something everyone on the team can relate to) without the cost of previous generations of so-called ‘prototyping’ solutions.

Other tools like AxureRP or iRise are expensive and complex to use, and myBalsamiq makes it too difficulty to get to high-fidelity.

I have been using it for 6 months and it has been an absolute game changer.

-- Jeff Evans 08/8/14