iPhone Smart Battery Case


A battery case that charges with a Lightning connector

For the five years that I’ve owned an iPhone, I’ve lived with severe battery anxiety. At work, I’d keep it charged up at my desk enough that I’d basically get through a day. But if I was going to be out for the whole day and into the night, there was a good chance the battery wouldn’t last, especially if I was travelling. This was somewhat mitigated by keeping a battery pack and charger with me, but still got cumbersome and meant I had to bring a bag with me to store it in.

This has all changed since getting the iPhone Smart Battery case for my iPhone 6s. You slide your iPhone into the case which hooks it up to a little Lightning connector, charging the phone continuously. No switches or anything. With a full charge of the case and phone, I can use my phone heavily throughout the day and it will easily last until I go to bed. Best of all, I don’t even think about my battery during the day. Battery anxiety ended!

Sure, there are cheaper options that provide more battery capacity. But this is the only battery case I know of that charges with a Lightning connector, meaning I can plug it into the same places I plug my iPhone into without having to carry extra cables. At the end of the day I keep my phone in the case, and it will charge the phone and case fully by the time I wake up. And because it’s made by Apple, I can see the charge of both the case and the phone on the phone’s display when I plug it in. Also, I’ve never used a case for my phone, finding them unpleasant to look at. But this one, despite being a little dorky looking in the back, is still not nearly as ugly as many cases. And I’ve gotten used to the extra grippiness it provides, especially in certain pant pockets, in which my phone previously had a tendency to fall out while sitting.

All in all, I’m a very happy customer of this boring and expensive phone accessory.

-- Tom Robertson 07/10/17