Living on the Road

Iroda O-Grill 1000 Portable Grill


Folding gas grill

The Iroda O-Grill is an exceptionally well thought out portable grill with “big grill” capability. It looks like a flying saucer when the top is closed and the legs swung up. It is very well finished, inside and out, with what looks like auto-quality paint. It has been easy to wipe clean, even after greasy meats have cooked. The grill plate is cast iron, and takes up probably half of the grill’s weight.

The O-Grill has a hole below the chromed burner and an outside drip catcher that is easy to remove. It uses Coleman-type camping gas canisters, but it seems threaded for other types of adapters (I haven’t checked).


When closed the grill sits upright with a sturdy handle available for carrying. I have found a minor problem with the handle latch. It is held by pressing the handles together and clicking the latch in place. I have had to learn not to press the handle together when carrying the grill. Not a big problem.

Oh yeah, it cooks like a charm. Good control, auto-lighter. Very well machined and built in China. Check out this sleeper if you like a capable, but portable, grill.

-- Greg Schultz 12/16/10