IRWIN Unibit Drill Bit


Precision drilling for larger holes

I’ve been easing into more and more metal work over the last year and half (propane art, collapsible fire fans and fire hula hoops a la Burning Man), so I drill a lot of multi-size holes in aluminum tubing. This is by far the best bit I’ve found for drilling through such thin materials. To get precise placement and a clean hole, normally I’d drill a small pilot hole, then run a larger drill bit in that hole to get the size and placement right. With this bit, I do not need to create a pilot hole (though, a center punch can help). I simply drill until I get to the right size (1/4″ and 1/2″ mostly). Because the bit has a single flute (cutting edge), it makes very clean holes. It’s also very accurate: the bit is very stiff, so it wanders less when starting a hole. Since I don’t need to change drill bits in my drill press to successively drill larger holes or change the jig I’m using to hold the part, it’s become a real time saver.

-- Sean Rutledge 08/20/18