Is This Thing On?

Beginner's guide to tech

I teach Basic Computer Skills in the local community college’s continuing education program. Last year I used the previous edition of this book, even though it was 3 years out of date, because of it’s use of simple language, humor and comprehensiveness. All my students enjoyed it and I found that it came in handy to keep me from using too much computer jargon.

This new edition includes social networking and does a nice job of updating the computer hardware and operating systems. It’s not just for seniors either. It’s for anyone interested in becoming computer literate. I have over 30 years experience and still learned a thing or two reviewing this book for my class.

-- Robert Byrd 04/25/12


The mouse p 12.jpg
A mouse is basically a hand-operated device that controls the movement of a pointer that appears on your monitor's screen. This pointer can appear in different shapes depending on what its function is at a given time. It can also be referred to as the arrow, mouse arrow, or cursor. (p. 12)

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