Israeli Emergency Bandage

Better than ACE bandage

I was first introduced to the Israeli emergency bandage several years ago as a medic in Iraq. It was a huge step up from the standard military dressings that we had been issued. The old military style dressings hadn’t changed since WWII and were not really effective as the canvas ties didn’t always hold the dressing where you needed it. A lot of guys were using gauze pads and elastic wrap which, while better, was cumbersome.

The Israeli emergency bandage was the first of a new generation of bandages that made a difference when it really counts. It combines a sterile dressing, elastic wrap and a pressure bar to make a fast and easy to use trauma bandage. The long tail can be configured in various ways to hold the bandage in place or to immobilize the limb, plus it can be configured in to an improvised tourniquet. I consider it must carry item since I can use it as a multipurpose bandage, use the tail as an “Ace” wrap for sprains or to immobilize a fracture to a splint. The bandage comes in 4″ and 6″ for around $5-$11 and everyone in my family has one in their car first aid kit, backpack or office.

-- Sandy Fraser, Paramedic 01/31/11

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