Extra-short iPhone/iPod cable

The iStubz is a miniature USB cable for iPhones/iPods. It comes in either 7cm or 22cm lengths, and is probably the best eight dollar purchase I’ve made in the past year. The reason I’m so in love with this little tool is that it can live permanently in my bag without taking up any space or tangling up on anything. This is great since I regularly forget to charge my iPhone at night and often have to charge it on the go. It’s also ideal for charging/syncing from my laptop, keeping cables from getting tangled in my mouse and still allowing my phone to be within arm’s reach. It’s doubly useful when coupled with the socket-to-USB converter packaged with the iPhone. I keep them mated in my bag, so if I happen to be somewhere without my laptop or a convenient USB port, I can still stay charged.

-- Ian Hall 03/2/10

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