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You can hear the best presentations at some of the best high tech conferences without paying large attendance fees and without travel. Just click on over to IT Conversations where you can stream or download keynote speeches, interviews, and talks by the likes of Jeff Bezos, Malcom Gladwell, Tim O’Reilly, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gibson and others in the digital limelight who have recently given talks at high-priced conferences. It’s a great service. Audio quality is fine. (This site will soon offer the monthly Long Now Seminar series on long-term thinking I’m involved with.) I hope they can land other fine venues. It’s a much more civilized way to keep current. [Suggested by Vincent Crisci]

— KK

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David Brin, at Accelerating Change 2004 Conference
Runtime: 00:44:21, 20.3 mb, recorded 2004-11-0

Horizon Evaluation is a process for exploring what threats and opportunities may await us beyond the near term. It can suggest plausible scenarios for science fiction stories. It can also suggest ways to minimize threats and maximize opportunities. It may be particularly relevant for determining where to make investments.

Our civilization has already developed techniques that work well at exploring some sectors of the Possibility Horizon. Nearly all of these techniques rely upon rapid discovery of errors before those errors can prove fatal. Transparency of information flow appears to be the one common element. Only an open society would appear to have a chance of succeeding and taking advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.


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