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JUPITER Weather Forecasts


Phone weather know-it-all

Jupiter is a weather know-it-all. It’s a genius that knows the weather for any city on earth, including local 3-10 day forecasts. All you do is call Jupiter on the phone anytime day or night and ask him your weather question, in plain conversational English. He’ll then tell you the answer in his computer voice. While Jupiter is currently an experiment in practical speech recognition at MIT, and your call is helping to teach it, its toll-free number is actually quite handy to have stored in your cell phone. While on the road you may need to know: What’s the weather in Chicago? How about Shanghai on Saturday? Can you convert that to Fahrenheit? Will it rain tomorrow in London? The bot is smart, quick, and usually right. Even with the web in front of you, it is often easier to speak than to surf. [Suggested by Dan Dubno]

— KK