Jura-Capresso ENA 9 Automatic Coffee Center

Bean-to-cup coffee with the push of a button

Let me start by saying I like coffee; strong, black coffee. Some years ago I treated myself to a proper home espresso machine. I also bought a burr grinder. I didn’t go as far as buying green beans and roasting them myself (I did consider it), but I did by small batches of freshly roasted quality beans.

Unfortunately what I soon realized is that I like coffee, not making coffee. Yes it’s therapeutic on a Sunday morning in the dressing gown to go through the process, but usually when I want coffee I just want coffee.

Anyway, I looked into coffee making further and realized that a good bean-to-cup machine is really what I should have bought. I went to several cafés that used such machines and tried their coffee and it tasted just as good a places that used traditional espresso machines, often better as there was no operator error involved in the tamping, etc. Most places used Jura machines, so looking on line I found they did a home range. So I purchased a Jura Ena 3 nearly two years ago and haven’t looked back since. There is plenty of adjustment that can be done to get the coffee exactly how you like it then it is just a matter if pressing the button and a perfect cup of coffee comes out every time.

The most important thing is still the beans. Either roast your own, if that’s your sort of thing, or buy small quantities of freshly roasted quality beans. Lots of specialist roasters do sample packs so you can easily compare lots of different coffees so you can find the right taste for you.

If you like coffee, but not the hassle of an espresso machine, or going out, queuing and getting coffee how they like it rather than how you like it try one of these. You won’t be disappointed.

-- Graham Simpson 12/2/14

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