Keen Sandals

Amphibious shoes

Cooler than shoes, warmer than sandals, and ready for water.

— KK

Keen sandals have a solid shoe-like toe covering that I’ve never seen in Tevas-like amphibious sandals. This covering keeps the sand out and eliminates stubbed toes. They’re warmer than Tevas and almost not sandals at all. I think of them as very sturdy water shoes. They have arch support and sturdy, gripping soles. They lace with an elastic gizmo that fastens easily and securely. Best of all, water runs right out of them and they dry very quickly. No more dreading the wet footwear as I head off on my daily trek on the beach. I’ve put about 300 Miles on the current pair and they show little sign of wear. My beach has some steep vertical climbs that I traverse without fear of slipping. They seem to carry me easily between the water and the land. It took a little while to adjust to the idea that I could wear socks with them.

— John Sumser

I’ve searched for years for give-me-everything sandals and after trekking with my pair of Keens through Europe and a hot New England summer I actually ordered another pair of them, just in case I can’t find them again in ten years when my current pair wears out. My Keen sandals are easy to slip on and off, and provide that cooling breeze as I stroll along. If I want to run, bike, hike, or climb a wall, I just use the handy cinch, tighten them up, and go. They are waterproof and quick-drying, which makes them beach-useful as well.

— Scott Walker


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