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Kenu Airframe Phone Mount


Portable smartphone mount

I have been on a quest to find an in-car cell phone mount for some time now. I have tried various suction cup, non-slip, lighter socket plugs, cup holder and air vent versions including various hacks using paper clips, rubber bands and coffee cups only to be left wanting. Recently I came across the Kenu Airframe mount, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. This little mount has four fingers on the back of the phone clip that clamp to both thick and thin air vent fins. The fingers can be rotated to accommodate either thick or thin fins in any orientation (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). I have used this tool for approximately one month now and it is exactly what I imagined should exist; it is a simply elegant solution.


-- Steven Smith 07/31/15

(I have one of these, too, and I like it. One thing to keep in mind is the possibility of overheating your phone if you've got hot air coming out of the vent that the phone is attached to. This is rarely an issue here in Los Angeles, but if you live in Minneapolis, I'd think twice before buying one. -- Mark Frauenfelder — editors)