Kidz-Med Medicine Dispenser

Pacifier for administering meds

My infant daughter has acid-reflux. Although a medicine dropper works for administering Zantac a couple times a day, she always makes a terrible face and winds up spitting out a good portion. This dispenser ($5) takes advantage of her natural tendency to suck: The medicine reaches the farthest into her mouth. I worried it seemed mean to use something she associates with comfort to give her something she’d hate, but after a few weeks of seeing those faces, I decided it’d be worth trying. The pacifier was a little big when she was a couple of months old but she took it just fine. Now, at almost five months, she’s grown into it. Occasionally, if she mouths but doesn’t suck the pacifier, we use the plunger to push it on in. Either way, she hasn’t made a single bad face since we’ve been using it, and I don’t have to mop up all the Zantac she used to spit back out. I read a review of a similar product — the same concept executed by another company. People complained the other one leaked. This is now my second medicine pacifier (I lost the first one on a road trip); neither has leaked. The best $6 I’ve spent on baby things.

-- Amanda Long 07/11/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2006 — editors)

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