Kik-Step Rolling Stool


Step stool rolls smoothly on hidden casters, and locks when you stand on it

I have used a Kik-Step rolling stool for at least 15 years. Its design is simple and brilliant. Without any weight on it, you can roll it around easily. But with a bit of downward pressure, the round bottom rim hits the floor and it becomes a stable stepping stool. The slanting body design helps it avoid damaging walls and bookcases.

These were ubiquitous in libraries when I was growing up. In my office, it triples as an ottoman for stretching, a seat for when the couch overflows, and a short step for reaching high shelves.

They come in gobs of colors. And having been around for 50 years, there’s a robust aftermarket for parts.


-- Bruce Oberg 09/18/20

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