Kindle Owner’s Lending Library


Free Kindle books

If you have Amazon Prime (and you really should) there are a subset of books available on the Kindle which you can “borrow” for free. The rules are you can only borrow one per book per month, and only on Amazon devices like the Kindle or Fire tablets or phone. The option to borrow a book on the Kindle rather than buy it does not appear near your purchase choices on the website. You have to borrow it from within the Kindle or tablet. It is hard to search Amazon for only those books that can be borrowed. One trick is to search the list of all Prime Eligible Books on the Kindle. I generally just check the format options for a book before I click on purchase. If it says in small type “Prime Borrow for free” near the Kindle price, then I can go to my Kindle to get it.


Kindle Owner’s Lending Library (KOLL) tends to favor fiction over nonfiction, and most books do not come from the big five New York publishers, so you won’t find many hot bestsellers. But occasionally I find one for free, so I keep checking. I believe this library is a subset of the Kindle Unlimited library, which is another way to search for candidates.

-- KK 03/8/16