Kwik Sip Brass In Home Faucet Attachment Water Fountain


Provides a clean sip of water from your faucet

I don’t like keeping a cup or glass in the bathroom for brushing my teeth or taking my vitamins. It just seems unsanitary. I used Dixie cups for a while but they are both expensive and a waste of resources. So for the past few years I have either slurped water out of my hand or the faucet – both of which were a hassle. I thought, there “must be a better way!” And of course, there is. A quick online search turned up the Kwik Sip, a simple gadget that replaces the screen on your existing faucet. It took less than 30 seconds to install with a pair of adjustable pliers and it is a pleasure to use. You just pull the little handle and the water faucet is re-routed to the water “fountain.” The height of the water arc is adjustable by twisting the fountain nozzle, as is the angle. This $19 gadget is exactly what I was looking for, and definitely a cool tool!

-- Bob Cooper 10/13/16

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