Lacrosse Felt Insoles


Provides comfort, additional warmth, or a more snug fit

I’ve been using these insoles in most of my shoes for years. They’re meant as replacement insoles for Lacrosse work and rubber boots, but they work great in just about any type of shoe. I buy them in my regular shoe size, but they’re larger than most of the stock insoles. Using a stock insole as a pattern, I trace its outline onto the felt with a marker pen, and trim with scissors to fit. I find them more comfortable than most other insoles I’ve tried. They make my shoes feel like I’m wearing a comfortable pair of slippers. They help keep my feet warm in cold weather, and they’re also good when it’s warm, probably because they’re breathable and absorbent. They come in two different thicknesses, 6mm and 9mm. I use the 6mm in most of my shoes, but with some roomier boots I use the 9mm. These may not be appropriate for someone who needs arch support, as they’re just flat felt.

-- Ken Altman 03/19/18