Language, please/Puzzle Masters/Google Docs tricks

Recomendo: issue no. 321

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Style guide for sensitive words
Language evolves fast and it’s easy to slip up and say the wrong thing. Language, please is an up-to-date resource for writers navigating sensitive subjects like trauma, substance use, race, disabilities, gender, etc. I searched for the word “homeless” and I agree that “people without housing,” or a “person experiencing homelessness” is a lot less stigmatizing and a better term to use. — CD

Puzzle source
The go-to source for physical puzzles is Puzzle Masters in Canada. They have everything, including lots of Japanese puzzles: Puzzle boxes, puzzle locks, jig saw puzzles, rubik’s cubes of all varieties, magic puzzles, toys, collectible puzzles, all very high quality. — KK

Useful Google Docs tricks
As a frequent user of Google Docs, I appreciated these tips from the Wonder Tools newsletter. For instance, you can display a live word count at Tools > Word count and checking “Display word count while typing.” — MF

Wrong person spam
Recently I’ve been getting a lot of “wrong number / wrong name” texts that are obviously spam. Here is a great explanation of what the intended scam is. By Max Read.  — KK

Healthy relationships chart
I want to print this chart out wallet-size, laminate it, and hand it out to all the young people in my life who are starting out in new relationships. It lists all the values and traits needed to maintain a healthy relationship, as well as examples of what that might look like. It’s a good reminder for myself too. Accountability and accepting responsibility for all of my attitudes and behaviors is not something I have mastered yet. — CD

Free image upscaler
Double the size of a small photo with ClipDrop’s Image Upscaler. I used it with a blurry snapshot of my wife when she was a teenager, then ran it through the face restorer app that Kevin mentioned last week. The end result was remarkable! — MF

— Kevin KellyMark FrauenfelderClaudia Dawson


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