Computing on your back

This portable laptop desk is the most comfortable way I’ve found to use a laptop in bed. It’s a bit pricey compared to the homemade stuff you can find online, but less expensive than similar products like the LapGenie and Laidback, which can go for up to $150. The LapDawg, which is lighter than the Laidback, is also made of wood, which makes it human friendly and gives it a warm touch. It’s very simple to put together and fits my 17″ notebook perfectly.

The InsTand Laptop Stand is a great travel desk but can’t do what the LapDawg does best: allow you to recline. Interacting with your laptop at a comfortable typing angle, right in front of you without feeling the weight and heat you would otherwise feel on your lap is very refreshing. The LapDawg is not the perfect travel solution, but if you have a big enough bag, it doesn’t take up too much space and it weighs less than two pounds. Being able to lie flat on my back and use a laptop comfortably is worth making room.

-- Tanneth 02/19/07

(The wood version reviewed here is no longer available. -- SL — editors)