Laura Welcher, Director of Operations: Long Now Foundation

Laura Welcher -- Cool Tools Show #22

This week Laura Welcher joins us. Laura is a Linguist, Director of Operations for the Long Now Foundation and volunteer at the Global Lives Project.

Show Notes:

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Yaesu VX-8DR $370

“A lot of people think that ham radios are really big. The one that I’ve had for several years, is called a Yaesu VX-8DR. It’s quite small. I’m a small person, I have a small hand and it fits really well in my hand and you don’t need this crazy long antenna if you’re doing local communications.”

The Family Piano Doctor $0.80

“I learned how to tune a piano using that book and as far as I know you can’t even get it in digital. The book isn’t available as a Kindle book or anything. It’s still paper, which seems very appropriate for it.”

Guerilla Painter French Resistance Pochade $175.10

“This art case for the plein air painter traveling light, ready to paint at a moment’s notice and under-the-radar painter. You’re like a stealth, ready to jump into action, painters would carry one of these.”


Sennelier Oil Pastels $43

“I have a variety of different types…but the soft, super buttery ones are Sennelier. They are a French pastel… They’re nice for those finishing effects because you can either do an underpainting or you can lay down the harder pastel. If you scrape one of the softer pastels over it, it just looks like shimmering light.”

Notary Public Seal (Not for Purchase)

“What it is I think at its core, as a notary public you’re a public servant… Your role is to, in part, be an impartial witness to a proceeding so that you don’t have any interest in the document that you are notarizing or what it’s being notarized for. You’re there to be a witness and to identify the person who is signing this document. It’s an in-person, face-to-face authentication system and it’s intended to deter a fraud.”



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