Lee Valley Jar Opener

Metal seal popper

I always used a spoon, until I was given one of these lid poppers. I was skeptical, but I now find myself reaching for it without even thinking. An 8.5 x 5-cm piece of metal, it’s bent in the middle and curved at each end to accommodate just about any size jar lid. It’s very simple and straightforward: Simply place it on the jar top with either of the rolled sides caught under the lid’s lip (which side of the opener depends on the lid size); Then, hold the opener in place and use it as a lever. The bend in the metal serves as the fulcrum. The downward pressure of your hand provides enough force to release the vacuum seal without distorting the lid. I can happily report no more bent spoon handles, no more splatters, and no more spills. Just a nice “pop” when the vacuum breaks, and I’m home free. I have not tried the previously-reviewed plastic JarPop, but I’ve had this steel one for at least 3 years. It has never bent, nor has it rusted.

-- Ellen Rocco 10/18/07

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