Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalog


Old-fashioned tool resource

Lehman’s is a 50-year-old company in Ohio’s Amish country, with a unique bunch of well-made, carefully selected and useful tools for “sustainable” living. Emphasis is on cooking, homesteading, farming, gardening, and doing things for yourself. Country living for sure, but some of this could appeal to urbanites who want to bring some country into the city. Kitchen equipment, canning supplies, copper kettles, cheese-making supplies, grain grinders, toboggans, kerosene lanterns, axes, water pumps. A large selection of wood-burning stoves, as well as cookstoves. Old-time farming and gardening tools (for old-time skills still viable)-on and on. Most of their items are USA-made.

The hard copy (172 pp. catalog) is way better than the electronic version. If you’re into this stuff, and/or you live in the country, you’ll end up reading it like a book. We’ve had their catalogs around for over 30 years and I still find myself leafing through one from time to time.

-- Lloyd Kahn 09/26/08

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