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LePen 10-Pack Colored Pen Set


Non-smearing ink pens

As other left-handers will understand, pencil and most ink smears as I write, since I was taught to write with the paper tilted to the right. I could teach myself to write with the paper slanted in the the other direction, but it feels weird. Instead, I use Le Pen, which doesn’t smear. Le Pen is my choice because it has a a micro-fine plastic tip, but doesn’t seem as delicate as some. I can leave the lid off and it doesn’t dry out. As someone who occasionally suffers from carpal tunnel, I love that it requires very little pressure to write. Some pens just feel good to write with, and Le Pen is one of them. I bought Le Pen for work a couple years ago, and now I make sure to purchase more in every office supply run (because they disappear from my office, not because they break or run out of ink).

-- Abbie Stillie 03/22/17

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