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Recomendo: issue no. 102

Less, More and None
Jacoby Young, who works at an elementary school in Hawaii, created a list on his website called “Less, More, and None,“ which categorizes activities he wants to do less often, more often, or not at all. It’s a great idea. I want to make a similar list for myself. I’m starting with less Twitter, more time outside, and no working on holidays. — MF

Best tape measure
I’ve used many different tape measures over my four decades of making things. My go-to measurer for the past 5 years has been a 25-foot Stanley Fatmax. It is comfy to hold, and not too big for my small hands. 25 feet is plenty for most jobs in the home or workshop, and best of all, because of its wide curved width, it will extend 10 feet straight out on its own. Reasonably priced. – KK

Favorite new podcast series
I am anxiously awaiting the sixth and final episode of Gizmodo’s podcast The Gateway. Journalist Jennings Brown investigates the dangerous effects of Youtube guru Teal Swan on her loyal Facebook followers. Teal, who has no degree or professional experience, admits to using SEO and tags to target depressed and suicidal people and has created her own therapy practices to treat them. She is hypnotic and alluring and adamant she is not the leader of a cult, although her followers do call themselves the Teal Tribe. There’s much more to this story that I can’t give away, and I don’t want this podcast to end. — CD

Cat owner starter kit
Claudia is getting a kitten, and knowing that I have three cats, she asked me for recommendations on things to buy. Here they are: Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter is nearly dustless and not perfumed. I’ve tried many different kinds of cat litter and this is the best. PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Rollers are a necessity. Our cats use the Ultimate Scratching Post about 50 times a day. They no longer scratch upholstery, as this is much more satisfying. Cosmic Catnip Cat Toys come in a variety of shapes. They play with it, bliss out, and roll around on the floor for about ten minutes. They will lose interest if you leave it out — it’s better to hide it and give it to them as an infrequent treat. Cats never seem to get frustrated about not being able to catch a laser pointer dot. My cats get really excited when they hear me open the drawer where we store our laser pointer and will run into the room and start meowing and looking around wildly for the red dot. The DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop is made from cast aluminum and looks like an Art Deco collectible. It’s very sturdy and makes cleaning the cat litter much less unpleasant. When Claudia’s kitten reaches adulthood, I recommend Goodlife Adult Dry Cat Food. It’s the only thing our cats have eaten for years and they are healthy, with alert eyes and shiny coats. —

Two-sided magnetic measuring spoons
These magnetic measuring spoons are handy because they have two sides for each measurement. The oval side fits into smaller jars, and I can alternate between wet and dry ingredients without having to wash a spoon. Also, the magnets keep them together so I never have to search for the one I need. — CD

Shopping research
When I’m in shopping mode I check out BestReviews. Modeled after Wirecutter and Cool Tools, it tests, compares and recommends a huge variety of products, from ATV ramps, to kiddie pools, to pressure washers. It carries no ads, relying on Amazon links for revenue. While its range is vast, the depth of reviews is uneven, but I find their simple summaries of the best stuff worthwhile to check out. — KK

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 07/8/18

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