Let’s Grow Mushrooms!

DIY mycology DVDs

I have Mushrooms Demystified and I just joined a local group so I can find my own mushrooms to start, but this DVD set my wife got me is all about growing mushrooms and is easier to get to grips with. It is two DVDs that start out from very simple (growing oysters/lions mains in a fish tank) to hunting in the forest and isolating your own strain. There’s also a great section on how to grow oysters in a laundry basket. Everything in these DVDs is all done step by step, so it’s easy to follow and understand — very hands-on with lots of little hints and tips.

The first DVD is great for novices or kids, but the second DVD moves in to agar work, which is more for the professional. I have been growing oyster mushrooms, but the DVD shows how I can move up production so I’m not just growing a couple of meals at a time. I had no prior experience with mycology, but my wife and I have a small garden and we’re trying to see how much we can produce to save on bills. After watching this DVD, I think this could help people start their own small business. I’ve actually looked into growing for local farmers markets for a bit of extra cash.

-- Jo Fas 06/15/07

(The DVDs are not yet available via Netlflix, but you can preview sections of the discs on YouTube -- SL — editors)

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