Light: Science and Magic


The art of lighting

This is the essential book for learning about how light and lighting works in photography. It is used as the textbook for many college photography studio lighting courses (which is how I discovered it, when taking a studio lighting course at CCSF).

Even after taking the class and “mastering” all the exercises, I still re-read this book frequently, and am surprised at little tricks or nuances I never learned before, or learned and then forgot (because that particular thing doesn’t come up with most of my photography work).

-- JC Dill 03/1/12


diagram for cover image.jpg
This is the lighting diagram that the authors used to photograph the cover.

raking light.jpg

light science p 98-1.jpg
(p. 98)

(Note: For those interested a sample chapter on how to light a glass of water is available for free. --OH — editors)