Paper World

Lighted Pen


Write in the dark

I wake up at night with ideas and want to write them down. Turning on the light wakes up my wife. Bad move. I travel a lot and stay in many different hotels. If I get up during the night I hunt for the light switch, or walk gingerly around in a strange dark room. No more! This lighted pen is light, easy, and inexpensive.

I have tried many others but they simply do not do the job this simple version does so well. Click once, it’s a pen. Click twice, it’s a pen and a mini-flashlight. (The light is bright enough to have replaced the travel flashlight in my toiletries kit and in my electronics bag.)

These come in a pack of 12 and are now scattered around the house on both sides of the bed, in the bathrooms, and kitchen. Buy the 12 pack (not the single pen) as you will find these easy, convenient, effective, light, AND inexpensive. Really, a very cool tool.


-- Ron Kaufman 10/11/16